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FDChart Error-Audit Report

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FDChart provides an Error-Audit report for every file it reads.

The first two lines on the report are the title lines, giving date, time, title and version, page number, title and file name.  The next line is a column heading, informing you that this column will be where the warning message 'W' (Warning) numbers will be displayed.   For each line where a warning message may occur, the line is printed with the 'W' number on the right.   Since many warnings of the same type may occur more than once, the message is printed only once at the end of the report, preventing needless repetition.

Some warnings are printed without lines, such as the W-1 warning about 88 levels.   FDChart can not use 88 levels, and it makes no sense to print an warning message each time an 88 level is found.   Therefore, one message is printed at the end of the report, just to let you know that at least one 88 level line was found.   If major problems are found with the FD, FDChart will provide an error message stating the problem, along with the line that caused the problem. Major errors cause a halt in processing the FD.

Detailed explanation of both Warning (minor) and Error (major) messages are provided in the online 'HELP' section, as well as suggested corrections to the problems.

Error-Audit Report

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