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What is FDChart?
How to use FDChart
Sample Outputs:
COBOL FD format
Report format
CA-Easytrieve format
DYL-280 format
Prism Format
Selected Prism Format
Displacement format
Error-Audit Report
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About Olivadoti Associates, Inc.
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About Olivadoti Associates, Inc.

Olivadoti Associates was started in 1988 in Petaluma, CA, USA.  We originally started with a product named COBRA, the COBOL Report Activator - an outstanding COBOL Code generator for writing reports and reformatting files.   This product was incorporated in the DYXLAR (North America and Asia-Pacific) Year 2000 Suite of tools.

We have now moved to Charlotte, North Carolina. Our main product is FDChart, a utility to map COBOL file descriptions.

We also provide consulting and COBOL programming.

Olivadoti Associates, Inc.
P.O. BOX 7283                        1-(704) 688-7555
Charlotte, NC    28241-7283         

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