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What is FDChart?
How to use FDChart
Sample Outputs:
COBOL FD format
Report format
CA-Easytrieve format
DYL-280 format
Prism Format
Selected Prism Format
Displacement format
Error-Audit Report
Download a 30 Day Trial of FDChart
Download Shareware version FDChart
More information:
About Olivadoti Associates, Inc.
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Here you may download the shareware version of FDChart.   This version does NOT have an expiration date.   However, it is limited to 200 fields within the COBOL FD, and no more than 200 fields within an OCCURS clause.   It is an older version, using '16-bit' technology - so you CAN NOT use directories with spaces in them.
You may also obtain a 30 day trial version of FDChart.   This version is a full, complete version of FDChart, but has an expiration date (shown on the startup screen).   You will also receive a reminder of the expiration date when you exit FDChart.  
To receive your 30 day trial version of FDChart, please send us an e-mail with your name, address, e-mail address and your phone number.   We will e-mail you the trial version within seven business days.   This procedure allows us to keep track of who is using our product as well as potential customers.   It also prevents abuse of a privilege.
Of course, we want you to purchase a full version of FDChart.   To do so, please use the Order form.   You may also write any comment on the form as well.

To download a non-expiring, shareware version of FDChart, click here.
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